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Interview Tips

Remember that as well as you being interviewed by the employer, it is also an opportunity for you to interview them. Helpful tips would include: 

  • Prepare effectively by gathering information on the company and have an array of questions to ask.
  • Make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes early.
  • Conduct a firm handshake.
  • Maintain confident eye contact.
  • Listen thoroughly and answer the questions asked.
  • Control the interview with questions and structure.
  • Prepare more than one answer for strengths and weaknesses questions.
  • Inquire as to what they are looking for and sell your own features and benefits as to how you can adhere to these requirements.
  • Support what you say with fact such as figures, revenues and targets etc.
  • Always provide evidence to your claims with examples and proof.
  • Prepare examples for scenario based questions .
  • Question the decision making process.
  • Ask for feedback and overcome any reservations they may have.
  • Finally ask for a 2nd interview and/or the job.

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