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Job Searching

It is imperative to understand exactly what kind of role you are looking for and the sort of organization you want to be involved with. The wrong company might offer the right role but will ultimately not fit your criteria.


Research the company

Use various resources of information such as specific media magazines/publications, the Internet, stock market and from personal recommendations to determine a company's performance, status and prospects.


Question the employer

Use questions to interrogate any prospective employer to conclude if it matches what you are looking for. Will they offer the right training and development? Will they offer a decent working environment? Does the incentive scheme seem achievable? Make sure these are on paper for any interview or meeting.


Qualify and check

Being thorough to ensure it is the right career for you is equally important. Speak to other employees at the company – are they happy and motivated? Speak to their clients – are they satisfied with the service provided etc? Make sure you check the contract and review the restrictions also.

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